Trusts and Foundations

Trusts and foundations, possibly in conjunction with corporate structures, can enable you to preserve, protect and accumulate wealth, whilst reducing or deferring your exposure to tax. Unsurprisingly, putting assets into family trust funds for future generations is a key part of wealth management by families.
Your individual circumstances will determine the most suitable structure. Taking the time at the outset to understand your requirements and expectations will allow us to advise you on the optimal structure and establish the right relationships for your intentions to be carried out.

Various types of trusts and foundations have been developed both in the UK and in other jurisdictions. We can help you, in conjunction with your other professional advisors, on the formulation, administration and management of trusts, foundations, and associated companies and partnerships.

Our experience of trusts and foundations is one of our primary services to clients with whom we have built up long term relationships and where we act for generations of the same family. Our experience ranges from the small family trust fund to internationally based trust and foundation structures with underlying corporate and partnership interests.