Case Studies

Entrepreneurs and Growing Businesses

Efficient Audit of Group of Companies

Undertaking the audit of a group of companies in the leisure sector on an effective basis showing the client how to take in-house work previously undertaken by external advisors thereby saving costs.

Structuring a Fast Growth Business

Bringing together the personal and business interests of an entrepreneur with a fast growth business to create a business structure that works for both the continued growth of the business and its potential sale.

Tax Structuring on Acquisition of Family Business

Advising the son on how to structure the acquisition of his parent’s industrial company. Obtaining HM Revenue and Customs approval to put a new holding company over the parent’s company in a share for share exchange with a loan note alternative. The parents exchanged their shares in the industrial company for the loan note alternative, which was repayable over ten years. By the parents selecting the loan note alternative, the son became the majority shareholding in the new structure. The loan note alternative allowed him to pay for his parent’s business over a number of years thereby facilitating their retirement.

Agreeing Tax Position on Disposal of Entrepreneurial Business

Settling the tax affairs of a group of businessmen who had sold their business prior to my being instructed. Agreeing the Capital Gains Tax liability on proceeds received by both the businessmen and the long standing structures set up for the benefit of their families.