Matrimonial Disputes

If you are involved in a matrimonial dispute, you will realise they have the potential to require both a wide ranging and an in-depth level of expertise ranging from tax and trust advice, to valuation services, to ascertaining the assets and liabilities and other available resources of each party.

Tax and trust considerations will often be critical in structuring your financial settlement on divorce. This can be so when the interests of both parties are centred on the UK and will be particularly so if there is an international dimension to the dispute. This includes where assets are held by offshore trustees or one or the other of you and your former partner are not resident or not domiciled in the UK for tax purposes.

The approach of Ritchie Phillips in these circumstances is to identify all key tax and trust issues at an early stage. This will enable you to negotiate in your matrimonial dispute a financial settlement on divorce which is effective for tax purposes and can be robustly defended against any subsequent challenge from tax authorities both in the UK and in other jurisdictions.

Our assistance ranges from in depth advice to clients and their lawyers to providing reports as an expert witness. We are instructed as both single joint experts and individual named experts in providing accounting evidence. 

We also undertake forensic accounting exercises to trace funds and explain financial positions.  We assist in preparing replies to financial questionnaires in conjunction with instructing solicitors.