Commercial Property

Commercial property interests are a key asset class in the wealth held by clients of Ritchie Phillips. It is a sector which rarely stays the same for long often reflecting changes in both personal and business confidence, as well as legislative changes, all of which can impact on the value of property.
Commercial property can be held personally but is more usually held through asset owning structures. These allow a separation of management from ownership but also result in income and capital gains being taxed at the lower corporate tax rates which point to building up wealth through incorporated businesses. In contrast there is an increased tax liability through personal ownership and when extracting funds from asset owning structures. We can help you to resolve which form of ownership is best suited to your circumstances and objectives.

There are also transactional taxes to consider, such as Value Added Tax (“VAT”) and Stamp Duty Land Tax (“SDLT”). Both VAT and SDLT have the potential to reduce the margin on any property transaction and we can help you plan for and mitigate these transactional taxes.

Our clients have a range of property portfolios, held either as investors or developers, together with other businesses involved in the construction sector and associated professional services.

With our extensive experience in commercial property interests, Ritchie Phillips can help you maximise the potential return from your property holdings from both a commercial point of view and by reducing the exposure to tax through careful planning.