HMRC Tax Return Enquiries

Once you have submitted your tax return, it is then the turn of HMRC to decide whether to open an enquiry into your tax return.

HMRC tax enquiries will either be a Full Enquiry or an Aspect Enquiry. Full Enquiries are an extensive examination of the significant risks in a tax return including the possibility of the return being fundamentally incorrect. They will usually involve a comprehensive review by HMRC of all books and records underlying the entries in the tax return. In contrast, Aspect Enquiries concentrate on one or more entries on the tax return. They usually involve detailed consideration of whether those entries have been treated correctly for tax purposes.

There are strict time limits for the opening of a tax enquiry by HMRC. This is normally twelve months from the date the tax return is submitted to HMRC. However discovery assessments can be made beyond this time limit in the event of incomplete disclosure in your tax return.

Your strategy in responding to any enquiry is vital. It will in part depend on the nature of the tax enquiry by HMRC. It will also in part depend on your situation and circumstances. One thing is certain, if you are the subject of a tax investigation by HMRC, you will need a tax specialist like Ritchie Phillips to help you. Our experience will enable your response to be appropriate and in your best interests.