Business Valuation and Forensic Accounting

There may be times in your personal or business life when you need a business valuation or forensic accounting exercise. At Ritchie Phillips, we are experienced in these areas.

Business valuations are needed on many occasions and our expertise developed with decades of experience allows us to provide you with valuation advice for a wide range of transactions, most of which would be subject to external scrutiny including by HMRC. Our business valuation specialism allows us to provide you with expert valuations for a variety of purposes including:

  • Tax valuation purposes
  • Tax clearance applications
  • Minority share sales
  • Internal corporate reorganisations
  • Management incentive arrangements

Business valuations can also form an important part of negotiation between business owners where a change of ownership is being discussed.

Our litigation experience allows us to provide you with expert opinion in relation to contentious matters, most usually in matrimonial cases and also in commercial claims. In matrimonial cases, a business valuation can be needed to help determine the totality of the assets available for division between the parties and then who gets which assets, especially where the business is a coveted asset of one of the parties.

Our insight can help you formulate your strategy and respond to points brought against you.