Estate Planning

Estate planning needs both a detailed understanding of your financial position and the circumstances of you and your family. It also needs an ability to respond as changes take place.
By allowing us to periodically review your plans for your estate and assess your financial position and potential tax liabilities, you will be able to reduce and manage the impact of taxation on your estate and leave it as you intend to your family and other beneficiaries.

Regular reviews with you and, if appropriate, members of your family ensure that we are aware of your wishes as they change over time so that we can help you update your estate planning. Our specialisation in tax planning allows us to help you draft your Will in a tax efficient manner.

Our expertise in estate planning extends, when needed, to acting as trustees and executors usually alongside family members or lawyers. Our experience of estates and trusts lets you know how your funds have been invested and distributed whilst relieving you of the burden of administration.

Above all, getting to know you allows us to help resolve sensitive family issues should they arise and gives you confidence that your wishes for your estate will be carried out as you intended and that your estate planning will be properly carried out.