The Horsham Society is one of the largest civic societies in Great Britain with over 1,200 individual members. The Society’s purpose is to watch over the interests of the town, to guard its heritage, to promote good planning and design and to speak up when it believes decisions detrimental to Horsham are being considered.

The Society publishes a monthly newsletter which is delivered by volunteers to each member. In addition the Society publishes leaflets and books from time to time.

The Horsham Society is one of the first charities supported by Stuart Ritchie after he qualified as a chartered accountant. Noticing that the Society’s external accountant had resigned with no successor, he volunteered to review the annual accounts each year. That was in 1992 and twenty five years later he continues in that role, reviewing each year the charity’s annual accounts.

To find out more about The Horsham Society and the invaluable work they do, please visit and to learn about Civic Voice, the national umbrella organisation for civic societies, please visit