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Ritchie Phillips: Why we are different

Whenever we are approached, we always remember that either appointing a firm of accountants for the first time or making the decision to change accountants, you will be concerned to make the right choice for you. There are some important things you need to know about us in this process.

No Charge for Handover

We understand you may be concerned at the cost of changing accountants. Recognising this, we absorb at our expense the time incurred in accepting your instructions and taking over your files.

Complimentary High Level Business Review

For business client’s, we genuinely believe that we can make a positive impact on your business right from the start of the relationship.

For this reason we are happy to guarantee, during the first six months of working with you, that we will provide you with a high level review of your business and your accounting systems.

Complimentary Wealth Review for Private Clients

For private clients, we are likewise determined to demonstrate the positive impact we will have on your personal financial and taxation affairs. We will provide you with a summary of your assets and liabilities and income, and will highlight any issues relating to inheritance tax and capital gains tax.

Inner London Expertise at Outer London Prices

Our team have spent part of their career working for major accountancy firms in London. This means that our clients benefit from the highest level of skills and expertise, but only pay outer London prices.

All in One Place

As a relatively small team, we are headquartered from a single location in Horsham. Our team are therefore in daily contact with each other which gives excellent communication between those looking after your financial and taxation affairs.

Our London Meeting Rooms

Although we are headquartered in Horsham, we also have London meeting rooms, which we use for meetings with our London clients and for those who find meeting in London to be more convenient.