These may be the most comforting words an individual has heard in a long time. However each year the Horsham and Crawley branch of the national charity The Samaritans say these words over 14,000 times to telephone callers, 1,400 times to individuals sending texts and to 200 individuals who personally visit the branch headquarters in Horsham.

In comparison, our contribution seems modest. But by making the resources of Ritchie Phillips available to the trustees of the Samaritans of Horsham and Crawley, which is a charity in its own right, every year we examine the annual accounts giving confidence to stakeholders that money raised is properly spent and the charity’s assets are safeguarded. We also print the annual report and accounts to help further the communications strategy of the charity and help in a number of other differing ways each year.

To find out more about the Samaritans of Horsham and Crawley and the invaluable work they do, please visit and to learn about the Samaritans national organisation, please visit