The Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC) has for nearly 200 years existed support blind and partially sighted children to live a life without limits.

RSBC does not just help young people cope with being blind, it helps young people live beyond sight loss through an expert blend of education, sport and creative and developmental services. RSBC’s dedicated team of experts give immediate and ongoing emotional and practical support to parents, helping them come to terms with their child’s sight-loss diagnosis and supporting the whole family to live beyond it.

Stuart Ritchie joined the board of trustees of RLSB in early 2015 and before that was trustee of the charity The Royal London Society for the Blind, which was acquired by RSBC, from December 2012.  He completed his involvement in September 2018.  Stuart augmented the skill set of the trustees and management with his financial and business experience. For Stuart, learning about visual impairment and its impact on as individual’s life has brought a new dynamic to his own perspective. As honorary treasurer of the charity and chairman of the audit committee, Stuart attended over ten meetings each year for the charity and provided direct help to a number of the charity’s employees.

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