Preparation of your tax return in a timely and efficient manner

The simple truth is if you have a tax liability you will have a tax return to complete and an increased visibility with the tax authorities.

In the UK, tax returns are submitted under a system known as Self Assessment. But the complexity of the rules can make it difficult to correctly complete your Self Assessment tax return and pay your tax on time.

As chartered accountants who specialise in tax planning and advice, our tax team can assist you with both straightforward situations, where you simply wish to have the burden of completing your tax return taken away from you, to providing guidance and completing the most complicated tax returns. We ensure that your tax liability is calculated correctly and you know exactly when to pay your tax.

Our UK tax return service is designed to deal with the preparation of your tax return in a timely and efficient matter and, as far as possible, to deal with HMRC online including submitting your return electronically and confirming your payment of tax has been safely received and correctly recorded by HMRC.

Once your tax return has been filed, HMRC then have the opportunity to enquire into your tax return. Our tax return service can protect you against the cost of dealing with any enquiry into your tax return by HMRC.

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